The chain of processes forming porphyry-type and epithermal ore deposits

The focus of this course was the description of each “shackle” of this chain, stated by the Lecturer as:

  • Lithosphere interaction and magma generation.
  • Magma ascent and emplacement in upper crust.
  • Crystallization & fluid saturation: H2O, Cl, S.
  • Transfer of ore metals from magma to fluid: chemical composition of magmatic fluids.
  • Fracturing of rocks, fluid focusing into veins.
  • Fluid separation: Single-phase fluid to brine + vapor.
  • Hydrothermal alteration & ore mineral precipitation.
  • Fluid-fluid interactions magmatic / hydrosphere.
  • Postmagmatic processes: Deposit preservation and supergene enrichment.

The course had an open conference, so any interested student would have attended and learn about the processes in the formation of ore deposits.

It also included a practice in the laboratory to see the fluid inclussions and a field trip to the Vetas-California mining district.